Which is the best period to go to Maldives?

Maldives claim to have an equatorial climate with two Seasons: the first dry season goes from December to April and the second, wet, goes from May to November. These season are regulated by the Asian monsoon. The archipelago is very beautiful all year long, also because the air temperature (28°-32°) and the water temperature (from 28° to 34° in the lagoons) are steady and pleasant during all Seasons thanks to the equatorial climate that they have. However, the best time to visit Maldives is the dry season that goes from December to April. During the wet season there is the possibility to encounter downpours brought by the summer monsoon with winds, even strong, from south-west.

Which air lines do you suggest to reach Maldives?

The Airlines that we can suggest are ITA Airways (direct flight from Rome – Italy, from December 2022), Emirates, Qatar, Etihad e Turkish Airlines, all flying from the main cities. GO TO THE FLIGHT SECTION !

Which is the Maldivian currency?

The currency is the Maldivian Rufia, but American dollars recently issued are accepted. Be careful of one thing: when you change currency in Italy, be certain that the dollars are in good shape (not torn or worn), otherwise you will have problems buying in shops all over the country. The shopkeepers pay very good attention to the banknote and may refuse those that are torn/worn or old.

Which documents do you need to travel to Maldives?

It is necessary to present a valid electronic passport and with at least 6 month of validity from the arrival in Male. To the Italian citizen is not requested a Visa to enter Maldives. It is sufficient to fill in the IMUGA form before departure – using this link . This form must be completed no later than 48 hours before arrival in Maldives – or before departure from Maldives – and must be handed at the time of passport control.

Where is Hangnaameedhoo island?

The Island of Hangnaameedhoo is situated in the Ari South Atoll (Alifu Dhaalu Atoll), 43 miles south-west of Malé, about 80 minutes travelling with a fast boat from the Maldivian capital. The Atollo of Ari is particularly known globally for its most beautiful sea floors and for the possibility of swimming with the Whale Shark. KEEP READING

How do I have to dress?

Seen that you will be guest on an Island inhabited by Muslim people, is possible to walk the streets of Hangnaameedhoo whit a t-shirt or shirt that covers the shoulders and pants over the knees. Sarongs are allowed of course. Nudism or topless is not allowed, not even in the bikini beach. The streets are all made of sand so sandals and slipper are sufficient. We suggest not to bring high heels ore closed shoes.

Is there alcohol on the islands?

No, alcohol is not permitted in respect of the Muslim religion and it is prohibited to import them. In case you had alcohol, it would be stopped at customs in Male and handed back when leaving.

Is there a doctor on the Islands?

Yes. There is a doctor for the first aid or a hospital, it depends in which island You will spend Your holiday. We suggest to bring some generic medicaments from Italy and leave them to the Maldivian people before your departure, since for them it’s hard to get medicines. On the Island and on the major touristic locations, there aren’t any endemic diseases. Another advise: it could be useful to get a medical insurance before the departure.

Are there Mosquitoes in Maldives?

Yes, in particular during the wet season from May to November. We suggest you to bring a repellent spray for mosquitoes, especially for the younger children. Of course there will be repellent in our guesthouse for those who will forget them.

What will we eat in Maldives?

Of course fish, cooked in many traditional ways, sometime accompanied by coconuts or noodles. The Maldivian cousin will amaze you for its colors and perfumes. At breakfast you can find the Mashuni with its variants: the basic ingredients are tuna, onion and coconut, sometimes accompanied by peppers and tomatoes. We serve this dish with Roshi, a type of bread similar to the Italian “piadina” but a little thinner. Another dish that you will probably taste is the KaliyaaBirinjee, rise with garlic, onion e local spices. The fruit that you will taste will be the tropical kind, mango, passion fruit and small bananas, but not only these. Coconuts cannot be missed! During meals you will drink mineral water and Coca-Cola, no alcohol, as for the Muslim religion. Our staff will be, of course, at your disposal for possible request related to allergies and intolerances. We kindly ask you to tell us of any allergies/intolerances when booking.

If the weather is bad or the sea is rough do we make the excursions?

The decision of going out with the boat, therefore of making the excursion, with bad weather or rough sea, will be exclusively of the boat captain that, given the experience and the knowledge of the local places, will consider safe or not the excursion. Not being able to forecast the excursions, it will not be possible to ask for a refund for the excursions that will not be made. Of course the bikini beach is always at your disposal.

Hangnaameedhoo has beaches?

Yes, there is a bikini beach facing West, where is possible to sun bate, swim in your costume and enjoy the amazing Maldivian sunsets. The bikini beach is a place where tourists can swim and sun bate in their costumes without being disrespectful of the inhabitant of the Island. Islands like Hagnaameedhoo, that have a bikini beach, are not many even if their number is increasing. Hagnaameedhoo’s bikini beach has sun beds, beach chairs and tents. During the excursions on deserted Island you won’t have sun beds or beach chairs but our staff will make sure you will have beach tents as soon as you will land on the white sand that awaits you!

Is it possible to dive in Maldives?

Yes, and it’s beautiful. For example Ari Atoll is particularly known, globally, for its sea floors of extraordinary beauty and the variety of fishes that you will be able to see. The transparency of the water is amazing and it’s possible that even at 20 mt you don’t need any light to take under water pictures. You will be able to swim – sometime is enough to snorkel – with mantas, turtles, sea eagles and the big whale shark. You will also see tropical fishes and white fin sharks, leaving unforgettable memories of your divings. Our diving centers are authorized PADI and have new and complete equipment.

Is it common to leave tips?

Tips are optional. It can happen, and we know it will happen, that you will be particularly happy with a person of our staff and you will want to leave a tip. Generally, we suggest to leave a tip for 20 dollars per week each guest, that will be divided between the boat captain, the guide, our staff of Island Pavilion that every day have made your stay the most happy and comfortable ever.

Do you have the equipment to snorkel or dive?

Yes, our guesthouse has a number of masks, fins and snorkels. Our advise is to bring your equipment in order to be more comfortable with your personal tools. While snorkeling we suggest that you wear a lycra shirt, to avoid to get sun burned. Concerning the diving we have available every sort of equipment including the dive computer. We remind you that in Maldives its use is mandatory and, in theory, it is not possible to dive deeper that 30 mt. If you want to bring your own equipment, we suggest you to bring a short wetsuit, 3,5 mm, because the water temperature, also in deep waters, can reach 27° C. you will see sometime your guide diving in costume and t-shirt.

Is there a Wi-Fi in the guesthouses?

In our guesthouses there will be free Wi-Fi for all our guests.

Is it possible to marry in Maldives?

Tourists that want to marry in Maldives can do it but they cannot legally register their wedding. Our guesthouse organizes non religious wedding – and it will be therefore necessary to wed in Italy -, the renewal of marriage promises and every other type of ceremony that our guests desire. We can organize, for couple in their honeymoon, but not only, dinner at candle light in deserted islands, or sleepover on a deserted Island in a romantic scenery, an amazing experience in your unforgettable trip.

Which type of electric sockets are there in Maldives?

Electricity has a voltage of 220-240 V. Standard sockets are the English ones, with three rectangular sockets, but often you can find other types of socket. Our advice is to bring an universal adapter.

The medical insurance is included?

No, it is not included. If you are interested you can  TAKE A LOOK HERE


  • Take a sunscreen to put on several times during the day
  • Take sunglasses and hat
  • Take mosquito repellent like Autan Tropical
  • Take a lip stick
  • Do not wear closed shoes and / or shoes with heels
  • Do not walk on the submerged corals and do not touch anything: who will come next to you will see what you have seen!
  • Alcohol, drugs, sacred images, pornographic material, underwater fishing guns and pork are prohibited.